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Team members should NOT download WordPress plugins to client sites. If a plugin is requested, please create an IT job that includes the plugin's name and requested functionality. 


  • Degnon Training Course
  • Mission: Solaris  This learning path covers all types of communications in NeonCRM, including newsletters, donation or membership acknowledgements and reminders, and social media.
  • Mission: Prospector This learning path is the best place to start if you will be entering payments into Neon, updating constituent information, and running reports.
  • Neon Training Documents: This is a folder on the share drive that holds many Neon Resources. Use the search feature after clicking the link to find specific information.
  • Email Audiences Overview - pulled from NeonOne Academy
  • Email Campaigns Overview - pulled from NeonOne Academy


This is a great tutorial on YouTube of how to work with templates. You would use this to set up the look of your newsletter or other mailings. This is about 23 minutes long and worth a watch if you want to know how to get started building engaging templates.

Click Here for tutorial

Mailchimp Brown Bag Recording (1-10-20)

Degnon Mailchimp Brownbag Lunch (1-10-20)