We have successful experiences in securing and administering grants from industry and foundations, and both grants and contracts from federal agencies. The scope of work will vary among clients and thus part of each contractual agreement is a statement of specific services to be provided based upon the association's own needs and resources. Samples of our work on behalf of our clients are available for review upon request. We also contract to provide selected services, such as government relations representation or annual meeting management.

Degnon Associates serves as the headquarters office for international and national organizations. Clients include professional societies, philanthropic organizations and trade associations.

We Provide a Full Range of Services Including:

Membership Services

  • Headquarters office for effective association administration
  • Membership recruitment and retention
  • Communications
  • Publications production and sales
  • Marketing
  • Management of special activities and projects
  • Support for Practiced Based Research Networks

Program and Event Coordination

  • Meeting planning
  • Convention services
  • Exhibit Management
  • International Conferences
  • Media Relations
  • Education and Training Programs

Financial Management

  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Investment Strategies

Leadership Development and Support

  • Board/Leadership training
  • Management consulting

Strategic Planning

  • Initiatives
  • Develop and implement long term goals