About Us

Company Profile

Since 1979, this small family business has grown into one of the most nationally and internationally recognized professional association management firms.

We are committed to ensuring our clients' growth and success through the collaborative efforts of volunteers and management. Degnon clients consistently benefit from the historical perspective and depth of expertise based in theseĀ Value Added Services:

Family owned and operated business

Established in 1979

Original organizations still among our clients

Well established and highly regarded in the field

Meticulous attention to detail so every project is a success

Management systems with individualized attention to the need of each client

Focus on strategically important matters, then operational matters

Strategic orientation that helps clients with growth and development

Commitment to the development of volunteer leaders

Support volunteer leaders so that they accomplish the task and receive the recognition

Track record of generating new programs and services as sources of new income

Record of converting cost centers into profit centers

Accolades for solid program management of annual conferences

Among first to fully automate abstract submission program for scientific meetings

History of transforming annual conferences into expanded profit centers

Superb team of dedicated account executives handling daily operations

Planned and orderly growth, not looking to be the biggest company, just the best

Conduct training for other management companies with superior ratings from peers

Dedicated to growth and development of employees

Invest in training and continuing education of our employees


Degnon's commitment to serve the community

Executive Staff

Laura Degnon, CAE
President and CEO
Megan Cohen, MPA, CAE
Chief Operations Officer
Jessica Konrath, MA, CAE
Executive Director
Connie Mackay, CAE
Executive Director
Maureen Thompson
Executive Director
Janice Wilkins
Executive Director
Tim Filer
Director of Information Technology
Stephanie Leisenring
Director of Accounting Services
Colleen Hughes
Associate Executive Director
Bette Anne Preston
Associate Executive Director
Jessica Widing
Associate Executive Director