Maureen Thompson

Executive Director

Maureen Thompson is a seasoned Association Professional with a background in event/meeting planning and twenty year career in Association Management. Maureen currently serves as the Executive Director for The Pediatric Endocrine Society. In this role, Maureen has overall leadership, management, strategic, and operational responsibility for: programs, finances, fundraising, communications, systems, membership, timelines, and resources, needed to achieve strategic goals for her client. In her tenure with Degnon Associates, she has established and proven innovative and performance-driven leadership abilities. Maureen enjoys working in harmony with the Board of Directors, the staff, and the members at large to generate new ideas and a long term vision for the society, and demonstrates the ability to cultivate these relationships resulting in high performing teams. She has a keen understanding of general association management best practices and routinely brings current opportunities and trends to the attention of the board to improve outcomes, making a measurable impact on the success of the society she serves. In addition to her college education, Maureen has earned the Business of Meetings Certificate, given by the ASAE and the Center for Association Leadership that include; Strategy and Marketing, Meetings and Expositions Excellence, Flawless Business Operations, and Leadership and Communication and has proudly served on multiple Customer Advisory Boards.