Here’s what just a few of our clients have to say…

“Unintrusive participation — “Participation” here means the ability to make valuable contributions. Unintrusive is a quiet and reassuring manner that is not controlling.”

“…you can sense what an organization needs…and have the organizational skills/plan on how to get there.”

“You are focused on service; you know your product; you are open, non-judgmental; you are flexible.”

“You are smart, focused, organized, thoughtful, experienced – you know what works and what is likely to work. You pay attention to details.”

“You are the ideal “parents” for our organization. Like all good mothers and fathers you have been supportive, knowledgeable, available when needed, and you have also allowed growth, freedom and creativity.”

“… your unique strengths include a pragmatic voice in strategic planning sessions; responsible fiscal management of our organization; and a willingness to educate member-leaders in the mechanics of running an organization like ours.”

“I have observed your ability to insert ideas that help to bring an issue to closure or to get the group to focus their efforts…an intuitive sense of proper timing.”

” You’re not interested in getting things done the quickest way possible, but in getting them done the right way and in a respectful way for people.”

” I value your conservative approach when managing the finances of others. I liked your encouragement to explore other venues for money, to bring in other resources and to get new ideas from outside of our group. I feel that the APPD did massive growth and development once we moved to a professional management group, and that (Degnon Associates) was directly responsible for this expansion.”

“You think bigger than the groups benefiting from your assistance and you stretch us gently, permitting us to escape the groans of dreading the magnitude of the task or the fear of change—while nevertheless moving us forward. Your counsel is useful, on target, and leads to progress.”

“You have the ability to take the long view as well as respond to an urgent problem; in other words to help us to think about the potential long term consequences of what we might be seeing as a solution to an acute problem.”

“All of your meticulous attention to detail showed throughout the meeting and it allowed me to sit back, savor the meeting, and get together with old friends.”

“I know that the details of the meeting were in fact very difficult to arrange and the success of which are significantly attributable to you and your efforts. I can’t thank you enough for your continued support and dedication to the Association.”

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