Degnon Associates

Sarah Shiffert
Executive Director

Sarah Shiffert is a member of Degnon’s senior management team, and has over 35 years of experience in managing professional societies. A graduate of Vassar College, Sarah is responsible for the functional operations of two client organizations, supervising staff and allocating resources for the successful implementation of organizational goals. She works closely with leaders and committees to support activities that serve the clients’ strategic direction and purpose. Sarah brings to the team a global understanding of association management, as well as hands-on experience managing meetings, publications and collateral programs of both domestic and international clients. A collaborative problem-solver, she is a second-generation association executive, and is equally comfortable stuffing envelopes, developing a system for interactive member communication, managing a multi-day conference, or negotiating a high-profile contract. Her strengths include providing guidance in the areas of project management and logistics, and she sees challenges as an opportunity to provide creative solutions.

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