Degnon Associates

Dave McDonald
Director of Information Technology

Dave McDonald serves as Director of Information Technology for Degnon Associates. For over 20 years, Dave has designed, managed, built and deployed complex web-based applications. His work has been focused on creating and updating our systems to ensure we’re on the cutting edge of technology. These systems include meeting registrations, scientific abstract submission programs, review systems, award submission systems, web-based secure voting and credit card collection systems, to name a few. Through his career he has managed teams and worked with clients from conception to implementation of custom solutions within associations. Dave has an ability to take concepts and ideas and mold them into concrete working solutions, always concentrating on the design first and keeping the end in mind. All projects are built thoughtfully, always being very sensitive to costs, yet building exceptional programs. His unique ability to see a project from both the user and the developer’s point of view ensures that projects stay on time and within budget. With automated systems that link in real-time to their organization’s databases, the software built under his direction enables associations to spend more time achieving their organizational objectives and less time entering data.

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